www.grindruberairbnb.exposed leads participants in choreographed performance. Visiting the website on a smartphone, participants receive a series of interactive guides to follow, which generate gesture and movement when completed. Performed together, these gestures and movements reveal a synchronized, cohesive choreography.

The project is an exploration of the networks ability to guide movement through physical space - the name concatenates three popular digital services which perform acts of choreography on a mass scale. While aiming to 'expose' these systems of control, the project also aims to create a vision of collective action enabled by these networks of control.


Performer View

C2 Montreal, June 22-24th, 2019, Montreal, Canada.

with Yo-Yo Ma, Dec 8th, 2018, Place des Arts Metro Station, Montreal, Canada.

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World renowned cellist in the subway
Yo-Yo Ma jouera dans le métro samedi
The Bach Project

Created by Jonathan Chomko
Choreography in collaboration with Andrea Peña
Sofware Development in collaboration with Orgonomy Productions
Assistant Lucas Larochelle
Supported by the Canada Council for the Arts and the Conseil des Arts de Montreal.